The Dead and the Gone is the second book in The Last Survivors series.The author is Susan Beth Pfeffer. This book was released Oct 5, 2008

The Bookjacket Edit

The BlurbEdit

Alex made three columns and labeled them: WHAT I KNOW; WHAT I THINK; WHAT I DON'T KNOW. Under WHAT I KNOW he wrote:

No subways


Moon closer to Earth

Carlos all right

Bri and Julie all right

School on Monday

Under WHAT I DON'T KNOW he wrote:

How long it will take for things to get back to normal.

The PraiseEdit

"The powerful images and wrenching tragedies will haunt readers." -- Publishers Weekly

"It transcends it premises with terrifyingly well-imagined and superb characterization. The story's climax and resolution feel achingly right." -- John Green, The New York Times

Detailed Plot SummaryEdit

Coming soon.

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